You are cordially invited to audition for Village Green Theatre Group’s next Murder Mystery Dinner The Wedding from Hell on Saturday 25 January 2020 from 1:00 – 4:00pm.

You’ve been to weddings where something goes wrong?  Try everything.  Bruce and Tina face it all.  The groom’s snobbish, aristocratic mother, Sylvia, registers her disapproval of the nuptials by wearing all black and attempting to dissuade him from the marriage even as the Bridal March begins.  Ex-lovers, uninvited, show up, and much, much more!  Will the couple be together until “Death do they part?”


Bruce Montgomery – The groom

Tina Fitzhugh – The bride

Sylvia Montgomery -  Mother of the groom

Jackie Fitzhugh – Father of the bride

Judge Emmett

Denny OConnell – the Photographer

Fanny Fishburn – Montgomery family maid

Karoline Karter – a Southern Belle

Richard Starkey – Private Investigator

Host/Hostess – Wedding co-ordinator

Soloist – musician


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