2018  Shows

Our first ever performance was three plays from  'Off The Wall'

The Perfect Partnership

A one-act romantic comedy

 Off The Wall Plays

One-act romantic comedy play by Shelby Deglan

Character       Played by

Clara                    Donna Morris

Penelope             Charmain Jackson

Stephen               Ric Elrington

Puppy                   'puppy'   ***

Directed by Daniel Beaty


A Comedy/Drama in one act


A one-act romantic comedy about the pitfalls of internet dating

Character                               Played by


Sidney Smith (husband)         Fabrice Lamarre

Faye Smith (wife)                    Kym Holwerda

Barbara Corsinni (manager)  Sheilagh Shrimpton

Maureen (waitress)                Charmain Jackson

Georgia Dean (security)         Timea Kiss

Mary (maid)                             Kim Burgess

Directed by Bob Millen

Character       Played by

Marty                    Ric Elrington

Fran                      Sandi Reeve

Waiter                   Daniel Beaty

Directed by Graham Vayro

One act play about the pitfalls of Internet Dating by Morley Shulman.

A comedy-drama in one-act by Peter Pitt

 Off The Wall Plays

 Off The Wall Plays

A review from our first performance

"An excellent choice of plays.  The variety and contrast between the plays was very effective. The next night will be even better!  I'll definitely be coming back next year to see every play you put on."


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